Teacher Group Management Pages Now Online! (And teaching coding questions)

Mar 26, 2015 | | Say something

I am very pleased and excited to announce that the teacher portal is now online and ready to use for teachers and parents. Signing up for a teacher account is free and gives access to many features that a computer applications instructor or parent will find very useful.

Groups Page
Under the groups page teachers can create multiple classes and auto join codes for students to easily join the correct group without the teacher needing to create every account. Teachers may edit student accounts, reset student passwords quickly if needed, or remove students form groups without deleting the student’s data. The group page also shows basic information such as when the account was created and the most recent login information.

Test Results Page
The typing test results page allows teachers to view students’ net words per minute, gross words per minute, accuracy, test difficulty level, and time interval for all tests completed by your students. The results can be retrieved for all of your classes or by individual groups. Teachers also have the option to select which tests to display based on a date range or other factors such as test length and difficulty levels.

Lesson Results Page
Viewing student progress and recording grades is made extremely easy using the lesson results page. Students are organized by groups and all completed lessons are recorded as finished in a single scrollable table. The view allows teachers to quickly scan the class and update the grade book without the need to click back and forth on multiple pages for every student.

I hope you and your students can enjoy the website. Now that many of the frameworks are in place I’m looking forward to creating a series of typical text based typing lessons similar to those found in textbooks or on other typing websites. I don’t want to recreate the wheel, but I have some concerns about many of the most popular typing website lessons and I need a place to test many of my personal theories that I’ve developed from my time spent teaching kids how to type. This trimester was my first time using the introduction lessons on TypingHome before introducing my students to text based typing, and I was extremely pleased with the results. As I walk around the room now I almost always see students using the correct fingers and they have performed much better on a “fingers to keys” test that I have given over the past couple of years.

Coding Rant
I have many fun components that I’m looking forward to adding to the website as time and my coding skills permit. Looking back at my journey I am pleased with my progression which began at knowing next to nothing during Christmas Break to now being able to have a functioning LMS typing website by Spring Break. There seems to be a huge push to teach coding in public schools (Arkansas recently mandated that all their schools need to offer some type of coding program), and programs like hour of code are exploding in classrooms around the country. I’m not sure at what point teachers ever feel comfortable teaching students how to code, but it’s something I’m definitely developing a passion for and despite having many trepidations would love to be able to pass on to my students (along with typing skills of course too!). I realize that the vast majority of teachers enter the profession for reasons other than monetary gain, but I am curious how schools will be able to match the demand for teachers who can teach coding with the large salary gap of 2-3x between a typical programmer and a typical teacher. I suppose the shortage of skilled teachers will be filled through using learn to code websites, which is a great start, but I think relying almost solely on the online curriculum would be very unfortunate for all but the most highly motivated students in my opinion. I’d love to hear how teachers in Arkansas or elsewhere plan on adapting. I know people in general tend not to like change or being asked to do things outside of their comfort zone so I would love to hear from teachers who have made the change into teaching coding at what point they felt capable of passing their knowledge on to others.

As always send any great suggestions my way and please let me know if anything on the website breaks so that I can try to fix it.

Type on!
Paul Schorey

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