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Feb 2, 2015 | | 1 comment

I’m very excited to have finished making a typing test for and it is up and running now! A couple of features I like about it is that you can set a time of 1, 3, or 5 minutes. Normally every Friday I have my students take a typing test in the class and then they record and chart their progress in MS Excel. The test we have been using was three paragraphs long on another website, and it sometimes took my students over 45 minutes to complete…. If possible I’d like to add user logging to the site and have the ability for teachers to create groups and export results, but my coding skills need to improve greatly before I can implement these features.

Another feature I like about this test is that the correct letters need to be typed before continuing. Technically, the textbox below the paragraph isn’t needed, but with other tests online students keep pressing the wrong key and they can’t figure out why the test will not proceed. By showing the text below students should be able to see if they are pressing the wrong key, have caps lock on, or possibly something else that may be wrong.

Being able to choose between easy, medium, and advanced texts can also be useful for beginner typers who haven’t learned the shift keys or number and symbols yet. Eventually I’d like to add a database of texts to choose from, but for now only a few are available.

A few things I’d like to add are:
Individual logging
Individual score graphing and comparisons
A few features to help eliminate cheaters / typing bots
Possibly change NWPM calculations (there are several ways different tests can do this)

If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know and if I can make anything better I will try my best!

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  1. The faster you can type, the faster you can complete all of these tasks—and the more productive you can be. Typing remains a fundamental skill, and it is still one of the most important computer skills you can learn. Learning to type fast and accurately will help you in many ways in life, and it should be considered an essential skill for anyone who sees themselves working with a computer in some capacity.

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