Great Jobs And Computer Applications

Feb 25, 2017 | | Say something

Being that I teach Computer Applications and I also teach a unit on college and careers every year to my middle school students I think a lot about what specific skills my students will need they pursue their passions, education, and future careers.  Below is a list of the predicted top 50 future hot jobs for the state of Indiana, where I teach.  I went through the list and decided to add a column for how important PC skills will likely be for the given professions and then discussed the list with my students during the first week of class.  I believe that when students see how important PC skills are for so many jobs that it can help to motivate them to be successful in class, and of course give them a little more desire to learn how to touch type quickly.  By my calculations out of the top 50 hot Hoosier jobs there are 7 jobs that may never require pc skills, 43 jobs that will require regular use of computers, and 19 jobs where the use of computers is core to daily activities.

What are your thoughts?

Table of jobs needing computer skills

List & Salary from


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