Floating Fingers: Allowing Fingers to Hover Above Home Row

Feb 4, 2015 | | Say something

Many teachers, including myself, have been guilty of not allowing students’ fingers to float above the home row keys.  We may have insisted on making students keep all the fingers on home row and touching the keys, even during bottom row lessons.  I understand why we do this, because many times students use the wrong fingers to type with and we believe forcing the fingers down will cause students to learn the correct way to type.  The problem with this method is that it is unnatural, uncomfortable, and causes strain in the fingers, which may lead to health issues down the road.  Humor me, and try hitting the bottom row with one finger at a time while keeping all the others stuck on home row.  Most people would agree that typing this way is very uncomfortable.  My solution to balancing the need for students to use the correct fingers with being able to hit the bottom row keys comfortably has been to insist that they keep their hands on home row for the first few lessons, and then before they move to bottom row I explain that they should let their hands float above the keys instead and use the bumps to find their way back when needed.  I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.  How do you teach your students to type, or how did you learn to type?  Please check out the attached video and let me know what you think.

Type on!

Paul Schorey


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